Make You Event Memorable with Karaoke Jukebox Hire in Melbourne

After many outings with your friends you know that the best nights are those where you’re surrounded by good music and many laughs. Here at Premier Jukebox Hire, we combined the essential elements of a good night out and crammed them into a box. A karaoke box. You and your friends will talk about your event for months to come, whether you laugh at someone’s tuneless misfortunes or discover a new pop diva in the making.

Hire for any event

Melbourne karaoke Karaoke jukeboxes are ideal for a great number of events, whether it is a special birthday party, an engagement party, a wedding or even a work event where you want to help your team come out of their shell. Of course, who says you need an excuse to belt out your favourite tune surrounded by your friends and family? If you’re just looking to have a random party to get everyone together then this is great for that too.

And don’t worry, we haven’t given you a bunch of songs you won’t know the words to. We’ve made sure we have a massive array of tracks that will cater to singers of all ages. From much loved classics from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s to the latest hits in the current Top 40, you’re sure to find that ideal song that will help you entertain the masses. To ensure we are never outdated, we update our tracks monthly. All up we have over 2500 licensed video tracks and over 600 karaoke songs to choose from so you’ll never run out of great tunes to sing and dance to on the night.

About the machine

Okay, so you’ve got all the songs you could ever need for an epic night, but how good is the machine? Well, friends, don’t you worry, we have thought of everything to give you a jukebox that ticks all the boxes. We know no one wants to lug around a whole heap of equipment that is going to fill up a bunch of space in the venue you’ve paid for. Our all in one multi-functional machine has a slim build that won’t take up too much space, with an in-built speaker that ensures no one has trouble hearing. It features an easy to transport setup with wheels and a touch screen that makes it easy to use.

To organise karaoke jukebox hire for your next Melbourne event, call us on 0402 697 764.

Extra Features

• 17″ Zytronic Touch Screen
(World’s best!)

• Works through 6mm Tempered Glass Panel

• Smartphone/IPOD connection

• No Windows Errors or “Crashing”

• Easy-To-Drive Customer Interface

• Songs previewed in multiple Categories

• Random Play Feature

• 2 built in Microphone Pre-Amps with Vocal Effects

• 400w Speaker & All Steel powder coated Kart

• 2nd Output to Multiple TV’s/Projectors

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